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March 02 2015

I love all the places that photo shows up. :)

April 13 2014

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I do photo shoots for my hair dresser every now and then. Pretty pleased with how this one went in the Keune Tinta Colour Trophy.

August 14 2013


Hyperloop Prototype

We saw the hyperloop document and decided to build one... it didn't work.

June 18 2013

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I did a photoshoot for a friend's concept band a little while back. I just stumbled on them in the new Flickr layout and liked how it had arranged them so grabbed a screenshot.

April 28 2013

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Long story short: I won a t-shirt that was way too small for me but that doesn't matter because there's a sewing machine in the hackerspace.
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April 08 2013


Quicksilver screening by Pedal Power

The Pedal Powered Cinema got a run during the YouAreHere festival this year.

January 08 2013

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Laser cut Dymaxion globe built at Metalab

January 06 2013


c3o playing LED WARZ at 29C3
  | via wizard23

LED WARZ is the incredible new open source 16 pixel action game by clifford. First public beta test at 29C3 with c3o, austria's chancelor of hearts. here is what he said:  "most fun per pixel!"  "LED WARZ is a modern classic that's even pretty when you loose." 

Play it at Metalab Assembly/Leiwandville (3c) or look at the code at magicshifter.net

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December 29 2012

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Polaroid portrait taken on the Moderately Huge Camera at the Metalab Assembly, 29c3.

December 22 2012

Why did you not post this _before_ I left Australia?

November 08 2012



Premiere performance of RESET (2012) for multi-percussion duo and field recording by Yvonne Lam and William Jackson at the Peter Karmel Building, Canberra, Australia, on August 16, 2012. Commissioned by Yvonne Lam and the FOSOM Foundation. Field recordings made at Los Angeles International Airport 14/3/12. Filmed by Adam Thomas and Craig Greening. Audio recorded by Craig Greening. Footage edited by Timothy Guthrie and Adam Thomas.

October 23 2012


art in the drain

There's a section of storm water drains in the Woden town center of Canberra where the powers that be allow graffiti artists to put up work. It's at least a few hundred meters long and has been covered in some amazing work. I spent an hour walking along the drain taking overlapping shots for a panorama. I took a bit over 140 frames during the walk and handed them over to my client.

My client's team managed to stitch them together, then splice them into segments and load them into a javascript based scrolling display. The end result is you can take a virtual walk along the wall and see more than 80 of Canberra's best works off graffiti art.

October 19 2012


September 16 2012

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This is my Freakbike; MC Escherlong. Built in January 2011, in the Canberra Hackerspace - MakeHackVoid, and continuously hacked on since then.

Last weekend, after sitting in storage throughout most of winter, I dragged it out again and finally added some reinforcements to the weak spot in the front forks.

Just in time to enjoy this awesome spring weather we're coming in to.

September 14 2012

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Hacking a bicycle frame to build a track stand. It's designed to hold a bicycle against a DC generator for running a small cinema.
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I think there were two things holding my back from a full scale Soup addiction. Not having an account and not knowing German.

Fortunately I think learning German will be rather harder than hitting refresh enough times to get past the server errors when creating this account.
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